A photo blog dedicated to curating and celebrating Champaign-Urbana, IL's graffiti scene. Locations witheld to protect innocent works of art.

1st September 2012


Tagged: reverse stencilblueobjectgraffitistreet artChampaign-Urbana

6th July 2012

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Tagged: robotreverse stencilgraffitistreet artChampaign-Urbana

14th June 2012

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Tagged: freerobotreverse stencilhumansgraffitistreet artChampaign-Urbana

9th June 2012


Tagged: fairyreverse stencilgraffitistreet artChampaign-Urbana

29th May 2012


Tagged: swirlsreverse stencilgraffitistreet artChampaign-Urbana

25th April 2012

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Tagged: anarchyreverse stencilgraffitistreet artChampaign-Urbana